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The Advanced Diabetic Multivitamin
diabetic vitamin
Advanced Diabetic Multivitamin diabetic vitamin

Learn the 5 Signals You May Have…


#1 Excessive Thirst "Cotton Mouth" and/or Increased Appetite

If you are suffering from diabetes you will experience a constant desire to drink more fluids. Known as polydipsia, increased dehydration and thirst occurs due to high sugar levels in your body. Since the kidneys are trying to flush out the excess glucose through urination, the loss of fluids will dehydrate the body and induce thirst.

Do you find it difficult to control your hunger or are feeling hungry all the time?  If so, you must take this as an alarm and get your blood sugar checked by your doctor. Feeling hungry is our body's natural mechanism to send signals to the brain to eat food.  The body develops type II diabetes after it has become insulin resistant which leads to the body's inability to efficiently use insulin to supply the cells with the glucose extracted from foods.  This means that the human body's cells are not receiving the nutrients they need, despite the increased production of insulin from the pancreas.  However, the elevated insulin levels act as a signal telling the brain that the body is hungry.

#2 Fatigue, lack of Energy & Irritable Mood

Do you find yourself tired all the time?  Are you on edge or easily agitated?  These are common symptoms of diabetes.  Fatigue & irritability occur when blood sugar levels are unmanaged which causes your body to starve much like being on a strict diet. Without the right amount of fuel (glucose) your body begins to shut down and starts conserving energy for emergency situations.  This causes extreme fatigue.  Extremes in blood sugar levels can cause significant mood changes.  New research suggests that frequent changes in blood sugar levels also can affect mood and quality of life for those with diabetes.  Depression has also long been linked to diabetes.

#3 Frequent Urination

An excess build up of glucose in the bloodstream causes the kidneys to flush the excess glucose out through the urine.  Frequent urination is one of the most commonly known red flags for type II diabetes.  People who notice they are visiting the restroom more often than they are used to should consider speaking to their doctor.

Type II diabetes can cause you to:

  • Feel the need to urinate every other hour
  • Get up multiple times during the night to urinate
  • Produce even more urine despite the frequent trips to the restroom

#4 Unexplained Weight Loss

Notice a loss of inches or weight in the past few weeks or months without any effort or known reason?  You must consider this a warning signal, as it might be a sign of diabetes. With type II diabetes the pancreas produces an excess of insulin.  This makes body cells resistant to insulin, leading to an increase of glucose in the blood, but a decrease of glucose inside your body's cells. Your body then starts to break down muscle and fat in order to provide energy for the cells which leads to fat burning and sudden weight loss.

#5 Blurry Vision

Have you noticed a sudden decline in your eyesight or blurry/fuzzy vision?
While the lens of the eye itself may not be damaged because of diabetes, the surrounding muscles are.  This makes the muscles work harder to focus the eye, leading to frequent blurry vision and vision loss.  High levels of blood sugar pull fluid from your tissues, including the lenses of your eyes.  This affects your ability to focus.  Left untreated, diabetes can cause new blood vessels to form in your retina and damage established vessels.  If these changes progress undetected, they can lead to vision loss and eventually blindness.

Other Signs & Symptoms of diabetes may include:

  • Cuts/Bruises that are slow to heal
  • Tingling, Pain or Numbness in the hands/feet
  • Lack of Concentration/Interest
  • Fruity Breath
  • Hearing Loss
  • Red/Swollen, Tender Gums
  • Headaches
  • Darkening of the Skin around neck, arm pit or other areas of the body
  • Itchy & Dry Skin
  • Yeast Infections
  • Vomiting & Stomach Pain
multivitamin for diabetes

Diabetic Vitamin Multivitamin for diabetics

diabetic vitamin multivitamin for diabetes diabetic vitamin multivitamin for diabetes
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