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The Advanced Diabetic Multivitamin
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Advanced Diabetic Multivitamin diabetic vitamin

When Diabetes Met Cinnamon

When Diabetes Met Cinnamon: 

“The Benefits Cinnamon Can Bring to the Diabetic Table”
-October 8, 2014

If you were told that cinnamon can help you lower your blood sugar levels, lower your cholesterol, boost cognitive function and energy levels and even fight the common cold would you start taking it?

The USDA recently conducted a study, which showed a beneficial link between cinnamon intake and the reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease. The study showed that participants taking cinnamon had a significant decrease in blood glucose levels. The study also found that cinnamon may be an effective natural alternative for treating pre-diabetes, possibly preventing the onset of full diabetes.

Cinnamon is a spice that comes from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum. Cinnamon bark is widely used as a spice, but also has many medicinal properties. Cinnamon bark contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals which include: calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C, many of which are important for the prevention or treatment of diabetes. Other similar studies have shown that cinnamon also plays a major role in maintaining natural energy levels in the body and helps maintain a healthy circulation.

Below are health benefits associated with cinnamon intake that studies have suggested:

  • TYPE 2 DIABETES - Cinnamon may help treat Type 2 Diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of insulin produced in the body.
  • BAD CHOLESTEROL - Daily intake of cinnamon can lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. These all reduce risk factors for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • COMMON COLD - Cinnamon has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, and it’s been said that candida cannot live in a cinnamon environment. This makes cinnamon a helpful weapon against the common cold and during flu season.
  • CANCER - Cinnamon may actually prevent the spread and growth of cancer cells. Cancer cells abnormally take up glucose, ignoring regular metabolic signals. Cinnamon may play a role in reestablishing the proper signals and keeping sugar levels under control so cancer cells cannot grow as quickly or spread as far.
  • ANTI-CLOTTING - Cinnamon has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.
  • BRAIN FUNCTION - Just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function, memory and even improves mood.
  • MIGRAINES/HEADACHES - Cinnamon has been found to be an effective natural remedy for headache and migraine relief.
  • BAD BREATH - Cinnamon is a common ingredient in many chewing gums and mouthwashes because of its antibacterial properties, which help to protect teeth and gums from damage and also improves breath.
  • GAS / INDIGESTION - Cinnamon has been found to alleviate gas, nausea and indigestion.
  • E.COLI - Cinnamon also has the ability to kill several types of bacteria, including E.coli, which makes it a very good way to combat food poisoning.
  • ANTIOXIDANT - Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant,which means that cinnamon protects the body against free radicals that lead to premature aging, cancer, and other damage.
  • WEIGHT LOSS - Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels, which results in fewer sugar cravings, therefore you eat less and can more readily control your calorie intake which helps in weight loss.
  • ARTHRITIS - Cinnamon may play a role in reducing pain and inflammation which may reduce symptoms associated with arthritis.
  • MOOD - Cinnamon is rich in manganese. Manganese reduces mood swings and cramps during PMS and cinnamaldehyde, an active compound in cinnamon, can help balance hormones.

CinnaLife Advance Sugar Control contains 1.2 grams (1200mg) of Cinnamon Cassia per serving, as well as 21 other key ingredients that promote and support the fight against diabetes as well as the ailments that accompany this debilitating disease. Take the next step in the fight against diabetes and start taking your CinnaLife today!

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